Company History

Company History

1987- Chiefcon has been established, by manufacturing any kind of high speeding using capacitor and safety capacitor.

2000- Passed the capacitor safety certification of X1/X2 300/330Vac

2001- Set the factory in Donguan city, dongken town cause of market supply needed.

2004- Won the certifications of SO9001:2000 and ISO1400:2004.

2009- Add product line Ceramic Y1/Y2 and VARISTOR.

2013- Obtained the factory approval, obtained the OEM of plastic film capacitors of American listed companies.

2016- Officially obtained the safety regulations with a maximum capacity of 55uF registered in UL, It is the first manufacturer in Greater China that has passed safety regulations and large-capacity certification.

2017- Obtained the safety certifications of X1/X2 440Vac/480Vac.

2018- At the same time as Huaxin Branch, Chiefcon obtained the world's first DC safety regulation.

2020- Obtained the safety certifications of Y2 Film expanded capacity and Y1 Film. .