Safety Capacitor

Standard X1&X2 series, multi-country certification and complete capacity series. Adopt high polymer polypropylene film medium, thickened metallized electrode, 94V0 flame retardant PBT plastic case, epoxy resin seal, high voltage transient pulse voltage bearing capacity. Widely used in capacitive parallel cross - line circuits to suppress electromagnetic interference. Miniaturized X2 Pin 7.5 Series is available.

Y1&2 series, made of high polymer polypropylene film, 94V0 flame retardant PBT plastic case, sealed with epoxy resin, CP line leads out, the capacity is higher than ceramic Y capacitor. It has the characteristics of high charge and discharge, good self - healing, long life, and anti - dissociation.

The product complies with the standard(s) : EN 60384-14:2013+A1