HMP Series | HMP 250/350/450VAC

Motor Run Start Capacitors for Electrical Apparatus

Product Feature

*Apply matelized polyproplyene film to efficiently lower the chances of capacitance loss

*Low inherent temperature, high reliablity

*Reduce the chances of spontaneous combustion by inherent temperature


*Starter for fans and AC motors

*Run capacitors for fans and AC motors

*Starter for compressor

*Power supply for voltage drop circuits of relays

*UPS products for large capacitances need

*Energy saving filter circuits for wind and solar energy

Product Manual

Capacitor Range : 0.1uF~40uF 

Rated Voltages :250/350/400/450VAC

Tolerance : J(±5%),K(±10%),M(±20%)

Temperature range : 85˚C (+85 ˚C to 105 ˚C)

Dissipation Factor(DF) : 0.1% Max. at 1KHZ,25 ˚C

Product Safety Approvals: UL810

Specification Manual

If specifications not in the series list, welcome to contact us, thank you!