PMP Series | PMP 850/1000/1250/1600/2000/3000VDC

Polypropylene Film/Foil

Product Feature

*Series connection type, good endurance for high voltage

*Good endurance of current

*High level of Dv/Dt value


*Applied in boosting circuit

*Suitable for LLC resonant circuit

*High frequency and high current circuit

*High current with charging and discharging circuit

Product Manual

Capacitor Range :0.0068uF ~ 6.5µF

Rated Voltages :850/1000/1250/1600/2000/3000VDC

Tolerance : J(±5%),K(±10%), M(±20%)

Temperature range : -40°C ~ +100°C

Dissipation Factor(DF) :<=0.1% max. (at20˚C,1KHz)

Specification Manual