PPN Series | PPN 250/400/630/1000VDC

Polypropylene Film Capacitor

Product Feature

*Non-inductive production

*Film with foil, no self-healing and ionzation phnomenon for matelized products

*Slight changes on capacitance and DF value when encountering high frequency

*Metal contact is aluminium foil; even curent pass, stability for filter


*High class filter circuit

*Audio amplifier filter

*Wave adjustment for network connection and CATV product

*Apply in high current circuit

Product Manual

Capacitor Range :0.00039µF ~ 0.47µF

Rated Voltages :250/400/630/1000VDC

Tolerance : J(±5%),K(±10%), M(±20%)

Temperature range : -40°C ~ +105°C

Dissipation Factor(DF) :<=0.1% max. (at20˚C,1KHz)

Specification Manual