CKY2 Series | Y2(X1) 250/275/300/500VAC

Safety Capacitor – EMI Suppression Y2(X1) 250/275/300/500VAC Series

Product Feature

*Higher dv/dt level than X series

*Better DF value then ceramic Y capacitor

*Slight changes of capacitances under high temperature

*Large capacitances which can not be produced by ceramic capacitor


*Applying for EMI suppression circuits

*Applied in ground circuits

*Large capacitances items can be space-saving by reducing the paralleling ceramic disc Y capacitors

Product Manual

Capacitor Range : 0.00047uF~4.7uF

Rated Voltages : 250/275/300/500VAC,1500VDC

Tolerance : J(±5%),K(±10%),M(±20%)

Climatic Category : -40 ˚C ~+110˚C , 40/110/56/B or GLFB

Product Safety Approvals: cULus / ENEC /  CQC

The product complies with the standard(s) : EN 60384-14:2013+A1

Specification Manual