PMD Series | PMD 630VDC/1000VDC ~ 2000VDC

Double Metallized Polypropylene Film


*Long life design

*A structure with large capacity and small size

*Low ESR, ESL, suitable for DC Converter design

*Excellent heat dissipation performance


*Photovoltaic, wind and other inverter equipment

*DC transmission and distribution

*All kinds of SPWM inverter

*DC power supply for various chargers

*Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Product Manual

Capacitor Range : 0.00022uF~1.0uF 

Rated Voltages : 630/1000VDC~2000VDC

Temperature range : -40 ˚C to +105 ˚C

Dissipation Factor(DF) : <=0.001(0.1%) at 1 KHz

Specification Manual